The Business Acumen of “Serial Entrepreneur” Walter Reissman is Impressive

August 21, 2020
Walter Reissman

Throughout his business career, which is closing in on three decades in length by now, Walter Reissman has developed business resources in a great many areas, including accounting, engineering, programming and technical specialties. However, he also has considerable experience in corporate finance, having conducted equity research and conducted tens of thousands of equity trades and options trades and made hundreds of investments in public and private companies.

Recently, Walter Reissman has been a principal with Marketwise Trading, a firm that provides market research, analysis and strategy support to many knowledge-based organizations in the fields of education, science, technology and others. Currently focused in U.S. real estate acquisition,Walter’s 30 years in business have caused him to be called a "serial entrepreneur." With numerous companies, he has served as a founder, advisor, banker, trader or just as an investor.